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Secure Collaboration Without Compromise

The Lynx.MD Trusted Data Environment (TDE) allows for safe and seamless collaboration between data owners and partners, while ensuring health systems maintain control of their patients’ information.


The TDE enables healthcare partners to safely and easily unite disparate datasets from across their organization into one accessible dashboard.

diagram of the Lynx.MD platform. showcases data ingestion, privacy (de-dentification), workspace & Analytics, and Governance.
diagram of the Lynx.MD platform. showcases data ingestion, privacy (de-dentification), workspace & Analytics, and Governance.

Data collection

X-rays, mammograms, CT scans, and other unstructured data are collected through the Lynx.MD Smart Ingestion Pipeline, which intelligently maps data from various sources while prioritizing safety.

  • Medical ontology and mapping
    Bridge gaps and correlate relationships between disparate data sources across departments and studies within your healthcare organization.
  • PHI identification privacy
    Proceed with research stress-free, as the platform automatically anonymizes PHI, identifies data types, and categorizes and profiles data sources.
  • Natural language processing
    The Lynx.MD platform uses NLP and computer vision to retrieve and de-identify PHI, both within unstructured and structured data. No matter the source, the data is always safe.

Data governance and privacy

Ensure data governance and privacy using the Lynx.MD Privacy Firewall. The Privacy Firewall ensures patient information is de-identified in real-time, with differential privacy and tokenization of all data. Furthermore, the Privacy Firewall delivers data privacy practices compliant with federal and international regulations while enabling full organizational oversight. 

  • Secure and private workspaces
    Set parameters for access of any and all datasets, including who can access which data and when.
  • Data management
    Easily enact data governance policies, maintain ownership of all data, and supervise access with audits and 24/7 monitoring tools.
  • De-ID policy management
    Healthcare orgs can safekeep patient data to their level of comfortability, with the ability to establish de-identification protocols and in-depth management and monitoring.
  • Compute governance
    Data providers can manage and govern attribution management and cloud billing with external data consumers.

Secure and private workspaces

With Lynx.MD workspaces inside the TDE, internal and external researchers and data scientists can securely access approved data. Inside these secure and private workspaces, users can create study environments and benefit from a number of features.

  • Analytics
    Embedded analytics tools allow for quick analyzing of data using customized dashboards and reporting tools.
  • Built-in tools
    Jumpstart research inside study environments with a suite of built-in tools, including Jupyter Notebook, RStudio, and Python.
  • Security and ownership
    Both internal and external collaborators must first be invited and allowed into a study environment, without data ever being downloaded/exported from the contributor’s org.
  • Flexible compute environments
    Users can control their compute environments, adding or removing compute capabilities directly from the interface.

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