Accelerate AI Development and LLM Training with Real-World Patient Data.

AI and large language models (LLMs) are enabling MedTech orgs to take healthcare into a more efficient future with brighter patient outcomes. With the Lynx.MD platform, MedTech companies have access to real-time, real-world patient data that accelerates development cycles.

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174M+ Patient Encounters
31M+ Patients
29M+ Notes
45M+ Lab Records

It’s Time to Let Data Jumpstart Your Innovation Cycles

Access a vast collection of diverse, previously unavailable de-identified datasets to fuel advanced research and development and stay ahead of the curve.

Enhance AI and LLM training

Elevate AI model development and LLM training by leveraging real-world datasets, including clinical texts and medical imaging, in natural language processing and computer vision models.

Deliver best in class solutions

Securely access anonymized data on-demand to discover groundbreaking solutions that improve outcomes across the patient journey and across medical disciplines.

Stay ahead of the competition

Increase your competitive edge with real-time access to robust datasets ensuring rapid introduction of the most advanced solutions to market.

The Lynx.MD difference

Lynx.MD delivers a cutting-edge data and medical intelligence platform allowing for access to unprecedented patient data and a truly complete picture of patient outcomes. Accelerate and improve MedTech development, all while maintaining the highest level of privacy and global security compliance.

Discover market opportunities

  • Access otherwise inaccessible real-world data to find gaps in care
  • Examine market size and cost of standard treatments
  • Analyze how to price and position products post-approval

Stay compliant

  • Stay safe with multi-factor-authentication (MFA) and end-to-end encryption on data
  • Know that patient data is protected to GDPR and HIPAA standards
  • Use raw, original data to develop AI/ML models safely with the Privacy Firewall, de-identification methods, and differential privacy

Implement real-time insights

  • Analyze and integrate live data feeds
  • Enable quick in-depth exploration, analysis, and modeling
  • Set up operational dashboards with advanced data filters

Make data collaboration an asset

  • Support multiple authorized users at once, allowing for collaborative work on the same data and study
  • Share results and code between approved teams and groups with ease
  • Quickly share data and results for validation using visualization tools

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