Data Solution

Multi-Modality Imaging Data for Medical Research.

The Problem

3.6B diagnostic imaging examinations are performed annually*.

The inaccessible nature of imaging and video data hinders advancements in healthcare, MedTech, and life science. Lynx.MD’s platform provides scalable access to anonymized, unstructured patient imaging and video data alongside complete structured data.
*WHO & Business Wire

Access the data you need. Now.

Lynx.MD, with its respected global healthcare partners, has built a leading imaging real-world datasets accessible for research and development.

166K MRIs
150K CT Scans
142K Mammograms
128K Ultra Sounds
102K Diagnostic X-Rays
67M Chest X-Rays

Streamlined access to real-world data

Lynx.MD unites providers and external researchers, allowing for a streamlined exchange of de-identified, complete patient data.

Unparalleled access

Gain access to structured and unstructured data: MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, and more.

A dashboard that delivers

Use Lynx.MD’s advanced dashboard to gain actionable insights.

Fast-track market analysis

Expedite time to data value and effectively run market analysis.

Discover the power of data

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