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Rapid development of AI is redefining healthcare, pharma, and MedTech. In an AI-centric future, real-world data is increasingly important. Future-proof your organization with Lynx.MD’s real-world clinical datasets that are perfect for training AI.

Realizing the power of real-world data for AI modeling

Discover the advantages of leveraging real-world data for AI modeling in MedTech research.

More accurate and representative models

Real-world simulation: Use real-world data on healthcare scenarios to train AI models with unparalleled accuracy.

Diverse representation: Overcome AI bias and represent the widest population spectrum possible using diverse clinical datasets.

Improved model performance

Enhanced functionality: Improve AI models for image classification to predicting patient outcomes and beyond using diverse datasets.

Optimized device settings: Fine-tune device settings for improved efficacy, safety, and user experience with rich clinical data.

Reduced costs and time to market

Expedited development: Use real-world data to accelerate AI model development and reduce the costs associated with traditional data collection.

Swift market entry: Speed up MedTech product development and reach the market faster without compromising on quality.

Increased transparency and accountability

Decision insights: Take out guesswork and improve AI model decision making using real-world data and insights.

Bias mitigation: Promote healthcare equity and avoid AI biases using our diverse clinical datasets.

The Lynx.MD Difference

Reduce bias

Real-world data provides the diversity needed to mitigate bias common to smaller datasets.

Accelerate solutions

Access to secure, anonymized data accelerates development of life-changing solutions through testing and validation of AI models.

AI model development

Train, test and validate AI models using real-world datasets including hard to access text, imaging and videos.

Lynx.MD for AI modeling and research

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