Leveraging real-world data to advance Clinical Development.

The Lynx.MD platform delivers real-world clinical data that empowers pharma and MedTech researchers with critical information for planning, recruitment, and research repurposing.

Realizing the potential of real-world data

Lynx.MD streamlines access to structured and unstructured real-world data, allowing for improved clinical development across MedTech, pharma, and life sciences organizations.

Pharma and MedTech research planning

Deliver data-driven strategies: Identify gaps and opportunities in your research strategy using broad clinical datasets.

Identify target patient populations: Better identify target populations for clinical trials using complete datasets.

Improve positioning with competitor analysis: Utilize our data and competitive analysis tools to improve product positioning.

Recruitment optimization

Hone patient identification: Hone patient identification for clinical trials and improve recruitment efficiency.

Optimize site selection: Streamline recruitment using real-world data to choose the most optimal sites.

Strengthen patient engagement: Reduce barriers to trials through better understanding of patient preferences.

Repurposing research

Better drug repurposing: Find more ways to repurpose drugs and potentially accelerate development timelines.

Stronger safety assessments: Ensure the well-being of patients during repurposing efforts using real-world data for safety assessments.

Drive market expansion: Leverage real-world data to explore new market opportunities and expand your product portfolio.

The Lynx.MD. Difference

Data is crucial for effective, informed decisions that can accelerate research, lower cost, and improve patient care. Lynx.MD delivers this once-inaccessible real-world data, and quickly.

Data quality

Enhance the reliability of your research using a curated, high-quality library of diverse healthcare data.


Benefit from data science-fueled insights, backed by our team of healthcare and data analysis experts.

Customized solutions

Get the data and support you need with services tailored to fit your unique research, goals, and challenges.


Rest easy knowing your data is handled in strict compliance with industry regulations, anonymized, and under your control.

Timely insights

Make the most informed decisions through timely insights fueled by rapid data processing.

Lynx.MD for Clinical Development

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