Data Solution

Otolaryngology Disease Research Data.

The Problem

Globally 10%-20% of the population suffers from allergies, 20% from hearing loss and up to 12% from a form of chronic rhinosinusitis.*

As a result, demand for ear nose throat (ENT) treatments is on the rise. Improvement to ENT care to address this growing demand is critical but difficult without scalable access to rich structured and unstructured access to domain specific data.

Lynx.MD’s platform offers an extensive library of complete patient data, allowing for rapid advancements in otolaryngology healthcare
*World Health Organization, American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Access the data you need. Now.

Lynx.MD has developed close partnerships with respected otolaryngology care centers, resulting in one of the largest real-world ENT datasets. This extensive data library contains unstructured and structured data, including videos and imaging files, allowing for unprecedented R&D.

26M Encounters
3.9M Patients
415 Providers
10M Billing
9.5M Prescription
9.3M Notes (Via NLP)
1.6M Lab Records

Accessible real-world ENT clinical data

Overcome research hurdles and discover optimal patient care using Lynx.MD’s medical intelligence platform. Lynx.MD streamlines data exchange between providers and researchers, enabling quick and safe access to anonymized structured and unstructured data sets.

Your digital health arsenal

Access everything from claims to physician notes to prescriptions and beyond.

Accelerated data access

Jumpstart your research with access to data within weeks, not months.

Optimizing ENT & allergy care

Effectively run comparative effectiveness studies, identify gaps in ENT care, and more.

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