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Accessing Real-World Data to Advance Medicine.

Healthcare generates an incredible volume of data. Within this data is the potential to power further advancements. Yet, this data is historically difficult to access for two reasons. First, large quantities of the data are in unstructured, difficult to access formats. Second, patient data-safety concerns, HIPAA and other regulations, and so on. Until now.

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Accelerated Time to Data Drives Accelerated Time to Market.

Lynx.MD is a medical intelligence platform with a secure data-sharing ecosystem tailored to fit MedTech and life science research. The Lynx.MD Privacy Firewall safeguards patient data inside a provider-controller ecosystem, while AI and natural language processing de-identifies patient info. This allows for quick, safe access to complete clinical records.

Rich clinical data

No more partial data. Gain streamlined access to structured and unstructured clinical data, from MRIs to x-rays to physician notes.

Faster R&D

Accelerate the R&D process through faster access to data.

Enhanced post-market surveillance

Accurately monitor product performance and risk using real-world data and scenarios.

Research reports in under 3 months

Data onboarding to research reports in under 3-months.

Secure data exploration

Lynx.MD bridges the gap between healthcare providers and researchers using a secure cloud environment. This allows researchers to access real-world data, without the files ever leaving the provider’s cloud. And, it’s all backed by industry-leading security protocols.

  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant
  • AI-powered de-identification of patient files
  • Granular, customizable access controls
  • Comprehensive audit trails and 24/7 monitoring
  • ISO27001, SOC2 type 1, and SOC2 type 2 certifications

Improved insights and predictions

Onboarding to data access in under 1-month.

Unlike traditional data services, Lynx.MD expedites data access, making it possible to leverage real-world data in weeks — not months. And because the data is real-time, life science and MedTech organizations can base predictions off today, not what happened six months ago.

  • Easily view data using customizable dashboards
  • Create custom study environments with individual access
  • Share findings with other authorized platform users
  • Use real-time data and analytics tools to gain a competitive advantage

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