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The Problem

Roughly 40% of the global population suffers from a gastrointestinal disease.

Roughly 40% of the global population suffers from a gastrointestinal disease The gastroenterology research and therapeutic sectors strive to help this population. But, without the right data, it is challenging to understand and effectively treat the variety of conditions afflicting these patients.

Lynx.MD’s platform, backed by one of the largest gastroenterology real-world datasets, makes it possible for dedicated specialists to bring better, more advanced treatments to patients sooner.

Access the data you need. Now.

With Lynx.MD, one of the largest gastroenterology real-world datasets, is now available for research and development.

* Numbers continuously updated.

64M+ Encounters
80M Patients
600+ Providers
5M Billing
9.5M Prescriptions
90M Note (Via NLP)
13M Lab Records

Accessible real-world clinical data

Lynx.MD bridges the gap between healthcare providers, medtech, and life sciences companies, allowing quick access to real-time, real-world clinical data in a secure environment.

Unparalleled contract speed and access

Short contract time with quick access to structured and unstructured clinical data.

Real-time data for optimum precision

Real-time data housed in a dashboard with deep analytical capabilities.

Comprehensive healthcare solutions

Run comparative effectiveness studies, treatment surveillance, and more.

Case Study

Revolutionizing IBD Treatment

In partnership with Prometheus Laboratories and Gastro Health


Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) affects up to 3.1 million Americans. There is a need for improved treatment options, better patient clinical outcomes, and reduced healthcare costs related to IBD.


Lynx.MD Solution:

Data Aggregation: 

Uniting a decade’s worth of de-identified IBD clinical laboratory data and patient data securely. This vast collection will provide invaluable insights into patterns, trends, and effective treatments.


Leveraging this real-world data to investigate and showcase the value of the Prometheus Anser® IFX therapeutic drug monitoring test. This research could potentially identify more effective treatment approaches based on actual patient data.

Outcome Enhancement: 

With the insights derived from the data and research, the collaboration aims to enhance patient clinical outcomes. This not only improves the quality of life for IBD patients but also reduces the strain on the healthcare system by potentially decreasing hospital stays, complications, and other costly interventions.

Economic Impact: 

By optimizing treatments and improving outcomes, there’s potential for significant reduction in overall healthcare costs related to IBD.


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