July 30, 2022

Portfolio Spotlight: Lynx.MD

Original Post from Upwest.

Solving Data and Privacy in Healthcare

As seasons change and we ramp up to what is sure to be a busy fall, we wanted to take the time to highlight one of our recent investments: digital health-focused Lynx.MD.


The healthcare industry is undergoing major changes, and the emergence of federated learning has created huge opportunities for healthcare innovators to positively impact patient outcomes.

Today, medical data is largely inaccessible and underutilized by hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other stakeholders due to the complex regulations safeguarding patient privacy. In order for AI to deliver on its promised value of transforming the healthcare industry, it needs real-world patient data to function, but accessing data for parties outside the hospital environment can take years.

This is where Lynx.MD comes in.


Lynx.MD brings an enterprise-ready, cloud-based approach to making healthcare data accessible to clinical leaders and researchers, while preserving the hospital’s ownership of data.

The #1 priority of all hospitals and clinics is to keep patient data safe and confidential. But they also understand that applying AI to anonymized patient data can dramatically improve research productivity, operations, and digital medicine product testing — all of which can lead to better patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Lynx.MD flips the model of data access in order for hospitals to preserve ownership of data. Rather than having outside users download data from the hospital to then use in AI applications, the user executes code within the hospital’s secure environment. No individual patient health information ever leaves the hospital!

Lynx helps hospitals by aggregating data from multiple sources for secure access, and provides a digital sandbox to allow both internal and external users to quickly engage with the hospital, without imposing additional workload on the hospital IT/security teams.

The Team

We are excited to partner with Lynx.MD’s exceptional team who have a rich background in AI, machine learning, and the US healthcare system. CEO Omer Dror, a repeat entrepreneur, most recently worked in machine learning and statistics research at the Weizmann Institute. CTO Hila Noga has over 15 years of experience in software development. She was most recently the CTO, CISO, and Compliance Officer at Hello Heart. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Eisdorfern, MD, has over 25 years of patient care experience. He has practiced medicine in both the US and Israel and has strong connections to hospital systems in the US after serving in department head positions there.

About Lynx.MD

Lynx.MD offers a secure, SaaS medical intelligence platform for sharing real-world clinical data, accelerating research and development, and providing transformative analytics. With the Lynx Trusted Data Environment (TDE), organizations can collaborate with internal and external developers, data scientists, and researchers to build the next generation of data-informed applications, therapies and care options.