December 13, 2023

Lynx.MD and Baptist Health Innovations Collaborate to Advance Medical Research and Development

Initiative enhances Baptist Health’s efforts in medical innovation for advanced research and collaborative development.

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA December 13, 2023 – Lynx.MD, which provides a secure medical intelligence platform, today announced it is collaborating with Baptist Health Innovations at Baptist Health South Florida by establishing a secure framework to share clinical data that will catalyze medical research and development. This collaboration will provide academic and industry researchers with privacy-preserved real-world clinical data to develop, test and validate data-driven solutions that have the potential to revolutionize patient care.

Baptist Health Innovations is engineering the future of healthcare by providing Baptist Health South Florida physicians and staff with world-class resources to turn great ideas into transformative products, devices, therapies, facilities and services. To that end, the collaboration with Lynx will begin with Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, part of Baptist Health South Florida, and its robust cardiovascular clinical and imaging data and will be followed by Miami Cancer Institute, part of Baptist Health South Florida, Miami Neuroscience Institute, part of Baptist Health South Florida, and Baptist Health Orthopedic Care in the future, as our capacity to address those areas increases. 

Critical data is often buried in unstructured data that is not captured in traditional EMR/EHR repositories. The Lynx platform is uniquely designed to consolidate data from multiple silos, both structured and unstructured data sources including imaging, text, audio and more. Additionally, Baptist Health South Florida will utilize the Lynx platform and trusted data environment to streamline secure collaboration with startups, MedTech and life science organizations.

“At Baptist Health Innovations, we understand that innovation is not just a buzzword, but a vital process for improving business, enhancing lives, and transforming health,” said Nila Bhakuni, AVP of Innovations at Baptist Health South Florida. “Through our collaboration with Lynx, we have the opportunity to work with leading scientists and developers globally to develop cutting-edge treatments, therapeutics and care paths that will have the potential to transform the health outcomes of our patients.”

The Lynx platform brings together structured and unstructured data from across healthcare organizations into a secure, permissioned, privacy-controlled trusted data environment ideal for multi-center collaboration. By partnering with Lynx, researchers and developers will be able to work with Baptist Health South Florida on real-world evidence studies, comparative analysis and effectiveness studies, AI model development, and more.

“We are honored to work with Baptist Health South Florida to bring real-world clinical data to the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem,” said Omer Dror, CEO and Co-founder, Lynx.MD. “This collaboration will provide secure access to crucial real-world data for scientists and developers from MedTech, biopharmaceutical, life science and AI. Together, Lynx, Baptist Health South Florida and data users are paving the way for advancements in the delivery of care and improve the quality and outcomes across the healthcare landscape.”

Recognized by Fortune Magazine’s 2023 America’s Most Innovative Companies, Baptist Health South Florida joins a growing, global network of healthcare providers, scientists and developers from across the health care ecosystem to partner with Lynx to unlock the power of clinical data for the advancement of medical science.

About Lynx.MD

Lynx MD is a secure data network and medical intelligence platform that gives the healthcare ecosystem the ability to quickly and safely access real-world health and patient data to accelerate diagnostic and therapeutic solutions and to improve patient outcomes. Lynx MD turns traditional data access control models upside down by making complex real-world data available for innovation within a secure, dedicated Trusted Data Environment that protects patient privacy.

About Lynx.MD

Lynx.MD offers a secure, SaaS medical intelligence platform for sharing real-world clinical data, accelerating research and development, and providing transformative analytics. With the Lynx Trusted Data Environment (TDE), organizations can collaborate with internal and external developers, data scientists, and researchers to build the next generation of data-informed applications, therapies and care options.