July 15, 2022

How Lynx.MD uses data to improve patient care

In my early days as a doctor, digitizing health records was once the most revolutionary and foreign concept. As a physician and business leader I was frustrated by the amount of data we captured, but were unable to use to improve patient care and business optimization. As I watched data pile up never to be seen again, I quickly realized that clinical data could be the key to finding new protocols and understanding the complete patient journey. Building a solution to optimize the possibilities of this data was necessary to improve patient care. 

In 2019, we built Lynx.MD, an AI based platform that enables anonymized medical records to be securely shared so physicians, researchers and institutions can store, analyze and collaborate on healthcare data in a secure cloud environment that is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. 

Most importantly, by cutting down months of searching, clearing and accessing private data repositories, Lynx accelerates clinical research and treatment development. With our solution, researchers can now easily access and utilize this robust data.In just a few minutes, researchers can find qualified patients or curate cohorts for a clinical trial. Processes that normally take researchers months or even years are now solvable in a matter of minutes. 

Privacy concerns? Keeping healthcare data secure is a key focus for Lynx. Our approach of de-identifying data satisfies all privacy requirements while allowing organizations to be the sole authority over their information. And If the provider chooses not to share their data with other organizations, they are able to securely use Lynx as an internal analytics tool to provide business and clinical insights for their own practice. 

By accelerating partnerships in medical research, Lynx medical intelligence enables experts to explore new treatments, protocols and care paths with the potential to save millions of lives. Not only can the Lynx AI system filter, sort and analyze structured EMR data, it also has the ability to study unstructured data such as radiology images and physician notes. This unparalleled insight into quality of care and patient outcomes allows medical systems to drastically improve care paths that can positively impact patient’s lives. 

Lastly, without compromising the privacy or security of any healthcare data , Lynx has developed the right platform to enable collaboration with real-world medical data which enables researchers to solve medical mysteries in less time than was ever imaginable.

About Lynx.MD

Lynx.MD offers a secure, SaaS medical intelligence platform for sharing real-world clinical data, accelerating research and development, and providing transformative analytics. With the Lynx Trusted Data Environment (TDE), organizations can collaborate with internal and external developers, data scientists, and researchers to build the next generation of data-informed applications, therapies and care options.